How We Continue to Improve our Craft in Customized Uniform Manufacturing

Tailored Projects is your go-to polo shirt uniform supplier for your company’s clothing needs. We have been working for the country’s top corporations as their corporate uniform manufacturer for over 15+ years -- providing them with customized uniforms that fit well and will feel good.

Being in the clothing supplier business in the Philippines for more than 15+ years, Tailored projects boasts itself in its specialization in garment manufacturing – working only with the Philippines' finest seamstresses and offering only the best and high-quality corporate uniform supplies for the needs of every customer.

Since uniforms enforce a sense of belongingness and promote like-mindedness in thinking, Tailored Projects has numerous polo shirt uniform designs to choose from. Each design is tailored specifically for your needs and can make a corporate uniform reflect the actual representation of its company. We are also committed to giving you the best quality of Polo shirt uniform designs that’s why Tailored Projects can also help you solidify your branding and company by supplying you with numerous customized designs for your office uniform.

Tailored Projects also understand the needs of every customer that’s why we have been a top uniform supplier in the Philippines, not only because we provide high-quality garments and have been a uniform manufacturer – but also understanding and valuing the depiction each uniform provides for its company. That’s why every tailor-made corporate uniform that we supply surely represents the logo that is embroidered, hand-sewn, or silk-screened on its uniform, whether be it a polo shirt uniform, company uniform, or school uniform.

Being one of the top uniform suppliers in the Philippines for more than 15 years, Tailored Projects has been supplying all sorts of uniforms – from company uniforms, traditional workwear, school, and office uniforms, and caters to a large number of productions in a short manufacturing lead time. Rest assured, the quality of the garments is at its highest and most presentable.

As a leading company uniform supplier – we also adapt to the actual needs of our customers by offering customization of our polo shirt uniform designs. From polo shirt embroidery, silk-screen printing, or hand-sewn patches, rest assured that our company is capable of meeting our customer’s expectations.

Tailored Projects is also equipped to become your official uniform supplier. Using its high-quality technology and manpower to meet every customer’s expectation when it comes to customized uniform designs. Our production line is assembled to produce and provide all its customers with what they’ve been expecting from garments to the designs for their uniforms. We also aim to help you find your brand and provide sophistication in style. Not only can we be a corporate uniform manufacturer for you – but we can also help you solidify your branding with style, tailor-fit for the need of the millennial generation of employees nowadays.

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