Eco Friendly Gift Sets Philippines

Our Favorite Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

As more people become increasingly aware of our environmental footprint as consumers, the demand for sustainable items, eco-friendly giveaways, and environmentally friendly designs begin to be increasingly popular as well. As a proudly Filipino company that manufactures 85% of its products locally, we have become conscious towards the ecological footprint of the production of our best-selling corporate giveaways and promotional materials. Therefore, we have become increasingly motivated to integrate ethical and sustainable practices from our design process to our manufacturing standards. We hope you can take inspiration from the eco-friendly designs we have made in the past.

Eco friendly Gift Ideas Catalog

How do I customize these eco-friendly gifts?

As we commonly use vegan leather, wood and bamboo materials for these eco-friendly corporate gift items and wedding giveaways, we generally promote engraving as a way to personalize and customize these sustainable gift items, as no new elements are added and it fits the entire “natural” aesthetic of the ecofriendly gift item.

corporate gifts and giveaways eco-friendly

How can I order?

The usual production lead time for these eco-friendly items are 35 working days, and the minimum order is around 200 pieces. We become considerate with clients and brands that we believe in, and Tailored Projects is always looking for partners to work with to make this planet a more liveable one.