Building Brand Love: Ideas for Your Branded Merchandise

Investing in branded merchandise is one of the many ways you can cultivate a culture of brand love. By making your brand wearable, you are making your brand easier to recognize and remember.

Drive brand awareness and customer loyalty through these customizable items:

Oversized TeeFull Print Polo Shirt
1. Oversized Tee or Polo Shirt

A t-shirt or polo shirt is probably one of the first few things that comes to your mind when you think of branded merchandise. Transform a plain white shirt (or any colored shirt even) into a promotional material for your brand by customizing a t-shirt design to your liking!

Bucket Hats

2. Bucket Hats

Compared to most types of hats, the bucket hat has gotten a lot of attention lately. Because they’re back in style, bucket hats have been all over the internet. With the simplicity of its appeal, a bucket hat works well for branded merchandise. Have your logo printed or embroidered on a bucket hat, and you’re good to go!  

Face Masks

3. Face Masks

Face masks are the new addition to the list of things you can’t leave your house without. Customizing face masks with your logo or your chosen design is possibly the best chance you have at making your branded merchandise functional and handy! This way, you won’t need to question the practicality of your items.

Canvas Tote Bag

4. Canvas Tote Bag

A canvas tote bag is a perfect item to customize, especially if you want to get creative. A cotton tote offers a lot of space for you to showcase your logo or your design. On top of that, tote bags will always be useful! You can rest assured that your tote bags will be used a lot.

2-Tone Pullover

5. Pullover/Zip Hoodie Jacket

If you’re looking to keep your branded merchandise simple and straightforward, you can always choose to work on a hoodie jacket or sweatshirt. Hoodies attract any market—someone will always want one!


There are many ways to market your brand, and branded merchandise is one of those. When it comes to increasing brand retention, branded merchandise really works wonders. Check out our catalogs for more!

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