At Tailored Projects, we aim to be the #1 fabric supplier in the Philippines.

We have over 1,000 different kinds of fabrics that arrive every week at our library. We source textiles that set a new standard for quality and performance. We carry everything from woven fabrics like linens, poplins, chambrays and satins to knit fabrics like single jersey, honeycomb, and terry. With over 1,000 different kinds of fabrics available, you are sure to find more than one that's best for you. We are also home to a collection of linen fabrics. We have been a linen fabric supplier for more than 10 years.

If you’re an existing fashion brand or business, get in touch with us and we'll send you free swatchboards. Don’t start designing your clothing collections without getting of our free fabric swatch board. Let's talk!

Fabrics We Have In Stock

Linen Fabric Gallery
Soft Linen Blend
50% Linen 50% Cotton
Width: 57"
 Eco Linen Fabric Supplier
Eco Linen Blend
45% Linen 55% Cotton
Width: 55"
Everyday Linen Fabric Supplier
Everyday Linen Blend
50% Linen 50% Cotton
Width: 57"
Vegan Leather Supplier
Vegan Leather
Width: 59"
Nylon Spandex Supplier
Active Nylon Spandex
84% Polyamide 16% Spandex
Width: 59"

Other Fabrics Available Upon Request:


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