Why makes you the top uniform maker in the Philippines?

As one of the Philippines' top uniform maker in the Philippines, we ensure that each custom made uniform that leaves our facility is 100% quality checked. This also means that we have to use the finest fabrics within the clients' budget to ensure that quality will be at its finest upon turnover to the customer. We also make sure that all of our project managers are well-equipped with the technical know how to offer customization suggestions that are pragmatic and deliver the best value to the client. 

I have my uniform design already. How can we start work?

Company uniforms have been known to boost employee morale, enhance corporate identity, and even serve as a security measure for retailing companies. Hence, to serve this wide range of benefits, we also offer a number of fabric selection for uniforms. Most polo shirt uniforms use honeycomb (as popularized by Lacoste) fabric or a sweat wicking fabric (most popularly referred to as Dri-fit by Nike). While most polo shirt uniform suppliers are limited to these fabrics, Tailored Projects offers stretchable fabrics that promote better movement.

What are my customization options for uniforms?

As a company uniform manufacturer in the Philippines, we also provide several customization options. Our customers most always turn to polo shirts with embroidery, silk-screen printing, or sewn patches. However, our design team loves it when our customers opt for higher level customization like garment printing or color-blocking. While polo shirt uniforms are the most popular, we are also polo jacket suppliers for the country’s leading companies.

I want to work with this uniform supplier. How do I proceed?

Tailored Projects has been known to be a constant hotel uniform supplier and a trusted medical uniform manufacturer. Just last year, we manufactured custom military uniforms too. As far as the production lead time is concerned, it usually takes around 7-10 working days to produce a sample of your company uniform, and around 28-35 days to produce them in quantities exceeding 200 pieces. Our production facility usually require a minimum of 200 pieces.