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Q. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for custom apparel?

A. The minimum order varies depending on the type of product. 

Kindly see below for the MOQ of our best sellers.
300 PCS 200 PCS 100 PCS Leather - 100 PCS Leather Goods - 200 PCS

Nylon - 500 PCS 

Watches - 500 PCS
Cotton - 300 PCS Electronics - 500 PCS
Eco-Friendly Sets - 500 PCS


Q. How long is the lead time for production?

A. Production lead time is usually 30-45 working days. This gives us enough time to procure the right materials, and manufacture them with utmost care. 

Q. I have my own design. Can you guys make them for me?

A. Of course. That is what we specialize in. In fact, there are certain products that you can just show us pictures of, and we’ll try to replicate it from there.

Q. Are you VAT registered?

A. Yes. We can issue sales invoices.

Q. Are you PhilGeps registered?

A. Yes. Our PhilGeps Platinum Registration Number is as follows 225437.

Should you have other questions, please let us know! Contact us.