What are the commonly used fabrics for customized polo shirts?

The commonly used fabric for these custom printed t-shirts are honeycomb (as popularized by Lacoste), drifit (as popularized by Nike), and CVC Single Jersey (as popularized by Uniqlo). While each fabric option has its own strong benefits, the best fabric to use for customized polo shirts depends on its intended use. For example, we highly recommend using drifit fabric for construction uniforms. Drifit fabric, known for its high polyester content, is also best for full sublimation polo shirts. Schedule a visit in our fabric warehouse so you can assess your options well.

How can I customize my polo shirt?

Customizing polo shirts is one of our design team’s favorite projects to work on. Not only can we customize the fabric and its thread count, but we can also play around the pattern with cut and sew options. We normally print, embroider, add patches and customize collars to customize polo shirts. While we have mostly detailed customization options for corporate polo shirts, we also often encounter our customers’ request of polo shirts for simple promotional giveaways or merchandise for their own online stores.