Rainy Season Essentials: Water-resistant items you can customize

With chilly winds and downpours around the corner, it’s important to prioritize practicality when getting ready to step outside and face the rain. This rainy season, grab the opportunity to promote your brand through distributing or selling customized water-resistant items that carry your brand’s name, logo, or more!

Make advertising both fun and functional by attaching your brand identity to these four customizable items:

Custom Windbreaker

Be it a sweater, bomber jacket, varsity jacket, or parka, jackets are a rainy-day staple. Of course, you can never go wrong with a windbreaker. Lightweight and water-resistant, windbreakers are perfect for ensuring that your employees, clients, or buyers don’t get drenched in the rain.

Custom Baseball Cap
    Baseball Cap

    Throughout the years, trends have been born out of bucket hats, berets, trucker hats, and many more. Baseball caps are no stranger to this recognition. A baseball cap is a timeless go-to style piece that, when worn, is easy to spot among a huge crowd. Imagine how much you can boost your brand’s exposure just by customizing a baseball cap!

    Custom PVC Tote Bag
    PVC Tote Bag

    PVC bags have risen to popularity upon uncovering its practicality. Unlike most totes made from cotton or synthetic leather, PVC tote bags are water-resistant. The durable and lightweight material of these bags also make them easy to carry around. With a customized PVC tote bag, your brand can (literally) go places!

    Custom Fanny Pack
    PVC Fanny Pack

    Another variation of PVC bags, a PVC fanny pack (also called a belt bag or a waist bag) is ideal for keeping your personal belongings within arm’s reach. Given its hands-free style, PVC fanny packs are convenient to bring. A little customizing can go a long way in making your brand stand out while keeping up with the trends of today.


    See? Gearing up for the rain doesn’t have to be so tedious. Check out our catalogs for more.

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