WFH Must-Haves: Custom items to keep your team motivated

Looking for ways to encourage a sense of belongingness among your team despite a work-from-home set up? Go beyond virtual initiatives by sending them office accessories with your company’s name or logo. With these custom items, your team can upgrade their personal home offices and feel a stronger connection with one another. 

Here are some WFH must-haves you can send to your team to boost their motivation when working: 

DVL Work Mat

DVL Work Mat

A work mat or a desk mat can instantly elevate any workspace. Protective and functional, our DVL work mats provide a large, smooth area for you to place your devices, office supplies, and more. Your team is likely to enjoy their job more if they have a comfortable surface to work on!

Phone Holder

Phone Holder

Phone holders are one of those items you never know you need until you see how convenient it is to have one. If you want to send your team a small token to reward them for their hard work, these are a great option.

Ceramic Mug


For caffeine lovers, there’s no such thing as a workspace without a coffee cup in sight. But regardless if you drink coffee or not, you’ll always find a use for mugs. Remind your team to stay hydrated by sending them a mug! 

Custom Socks

Although working from home can sometimes mean staying in your pajamas while browsing on your laptop, socks are a different story—especially during the colder days. Whether you wear patterned socks or plain socks, men’s socks or women’s socks, the purpose is the same: to keep your feet warm and cozy. Also, wouldn’t it be so adorable to have matching socks with your teammates?


Nothing says productivity like a conducive work set up. Check out our catalogs for more.

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